redpill is a JavaScript visualization inspired by the Matrix digital rain.

What makes this implmentation unique is that it grabs lines of code from your latest public GitHub contributions and uses them as the code rain.

Interactive embedded demo is below (might take a bit to start up since it has to download some snippets from GitHub). Full screen demo here. I've found it really fun to watch, especially since you can recognize little pieces of code you wrote recently. For example, while developing this project, most of the code shown was from redpill itself, which seems like a fitting sort of recursive property given the source of inspiration.

It's designed to be easy to add to any web page. Basically just give it the id of a div. Details on installation can be found in the code repo here.

Note that if you load it too many times from the same IP GitHub's rate limiting will kick in. One way to increase your limit is to make your requests with a username and password. This is what I did during development. Actually at one point I accidentally pushed my GitHub credentials to the public repo! The way I noticed was that I saw my username in the Matrix rain. I thought that was pretty funny. And don't get any ideas about checking the git history. I already changed the password and force-pushed ;)

Future Plans