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Yearnings for a Production-Quality JavaScript Framework


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Facebook has an opportunity to help curb a global pandemic


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Get yourself off Google Analytics, in 5 minutes, for free, without self hosting


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This site is now browsable with netcat/plain TCP


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I just learned about HTML redirects


While trying to find a way to redirect NoScript users to the text version of my site, I discovered HTML redirects. How did I not know about these before?! Basically, it's a way to tell the browser to navigate to a different URL, without HTTP codes or JavaScript. To use it on my site, I just put the following in the head of my index.html:

  <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL='https://anderspitman.net/txt/feed'" />
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This site is now browsable with cURL


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Please make your products work with URLs


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Services are just dynamic libraries where HTTP is the ABI

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Compiling libfuse examples


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The 64 Milliseconds Manifesto


In an interactive software application, any user action SHOULD result in a noticeable change within 16ms, actionable information within 32ms, and at least one full screen of content within 64ms.

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Debugging iOS Safari


It took me a sadly long time to realize my new website wasn't working at all on iOS safari (likely not desktop either). That's one of the pitfalls with making it a single page app. I still think the tradeoffs are worth it though.

Anyway, I needed a way to debug it, since Safari Web Inspector relies on having a Mac, and I'm on linux. Turns out this isn't a new problem, and the folks at google have an excellent debugging tool that was easy for me to set up:


Once I got the console working it became pretty obvious that the global config I had defined wasn't being seen inside my ES modules. Neither Firefox or Chrome have this behavior. Not sure what the standard says, but I was able to fix it by passing the config in to my components, which is a better practice anyway.

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Before You Reach For That Dependency


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Rust, React, and WebAssembly


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Make You a Static Site Generator


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Deploying a Static Rust App in a Barebones Docker Container


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Making a 100% Statically-Linked, Single-File Web App with React and Rust


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Fix for Vimium that Stopped Working


I love the Vimium extension for Chrome. It basically provides VIM keybindings for Chrome. But some of the bindings randomly quit working a while back, probably after a Chrome update. A quick search didn't yield a simple fix, so I just put up with it for an embarrassingly long time. Finally today I did a bit more digging. Some of the issues on github seemed to indicate local Chrome data might get messed up from updates. My solution was to delete ~/.config/google-chrome (actually moved it to ~/.config/google-chrome.bak just in case). I believe this basically removes all the local data for chrome, as if you had just installed it for the first time. After starting Chrome back up and logging into my account, Vimium is working again! I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with Chrome 38 as of this writing.

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How to Install the Google Play Store on Your Amazon Fire Phone


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Chrome Extension PubSub


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Chrome Extension Content Script Stylesheet Isolation


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Asterisk ARI Quickstart Tutorial in Python


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Setting up an IPython Development Environment from Source